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Year 8-12 Tutoring Service | Our after school group tutoring service is offered to help your child excel in their studies. We will teach them different studying techniques, support them with their homework and assist them to prepare for upcoming assessments.


Discover how we can transform your child's mindset towards education today with our clever studying techniques and igniting a strong sense of confidence in learning.


Our tutors can help your child learn how to manage stress associated with homework and assessment while improving productivity and efficiency when studying.


Our team can provide the knowledge, comprehension, and practice they need to excel in their assessments and thrive in school.


We build on students skills which means your child can begin to learn ahead of the curve in line with 123Hub standards.


We understand your child may need extra refreshments which we can provide at an extra cost. You can access these packages by returning to the Tutoring Page and clicking on the 'Meal Deals' section.

learning process

How does it work?

Select Package and enroll.

On the previous page, there will be options of tutoring packages you may choose from. Please read through each package and select the most ideal.

You will then have to follow the enrollment form and submit it.

Wait for contact from 123Hub.

You will receive contact from one of our friendly staff members shortly after enrolling.

You are able to then discuss any further questions or book in to come meet the team prior to booking your child in for sessions.

Scheduling a start date

If you wish not to come in for a meeting, one of our staff members will give you call so we can discuss the schedules.

We will book your child in according to your schedule and start from there.



After Signing Up

Receive confirmation and welcoming email
You will receive a phone call regarding schedules
Show up to scheduled classes

When Dropping Your Child Off

Upon arrival, students shall walk to Site 1 and will be checked off. Students will then be taken to allocated classes,


Pricing can differ depending on what package you purchase. You can find package options attached to the previous main page. hourly rate starts from $75

Payment Options
Credit card or Direct deposit (Invoice).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tutoring only for struggling students?

No, tutoring is for students at all levels. It provides valuable support for those who need help in specific areas and enhances the learning experience for those looking to excel further.

How do I get started with tutoring for my child?

Simply reach out to us through our website or contact us directly. We'll guide you through the process, discuss your child's needs, and match them with a suitable tutor to kickstart their learning journey.

Can tutoring help with homework and test preparation?

Absolutely. Tutors not only assist with homework but also focus on building foundational skills, ensuring your child is well-prepared for tests and exams.

What makes tutoring beneficial for my child?

Tutoring provides personalized attention, targeted support, and a tailored approach to address your child's specific learning needs, helping them grasp challenging concepts more effectively.
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